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Education Destination – Westminster event capture – Video

It was a very early morning. We met the coach and traveled up to London with the Education Destination staff and other Island company owners. We were tasked to capture their event day that they have organised at Westminster palace. To get interviews from company owners and B Roll around the palace and create a […]

Three Gables Short Clip – Countryside Location

We were asked to do a few very short videos for a local holiday let company’s social media presence. We had filmed at their location before, so we had all the footage still. Including our recent aerial shoot. So, all we had to do is create short clips using a few different titles. A great, […]

Deepu Story

For an award show we recently were involved in, we were asked to create a fictional short film from a story that was written specifically for the event. We received the story via email, had a read, and then had to come up with ideas for what we going to show on screen. It was […]

3D Civica Awards 2017 Video Logo – No Sound

Here is one of the 3D assets we made for a recent awards evening. Created from a flat design that was given to us, we separated all the logo parts and made it into a usable 3D object. Below is an image to see it on our timeline in the editing suite:

VMworld 2017 Europe: Barcelona Partner Exchange – Video

We do a whole lot of video production and post production for global tech company VMware. Although a lot of the videos we produce for them are internal, some are for the world to see, and here is one of them. We received the footage, but it al up and then created all the graphic […]

A corporate day out Sailing – Video

What a great day this was, although we got a tad wet! Our brief was to capture the day, with images as well as video, to give to the client to promote that side of their business. We were on the support RIB all day with a few cameras including our Sony FS5, which has […]

Independent Funeral Celebrant – video

This client rang us up with an idea that he wanted a video to promote his career. He was a Independent Funeral Celebrant. Budget was tight, but he wanted it soon as possible. In steps FLYTE Creative Media… We both arranged for the filming to take place within two days, at the local crematorium, which […]

Earl Mountbatten Hospice – Film

We were asked by the Earl Mountbatten Hospice to produce a 35th anniversary video to be aired for the first time at their annual AGM. Time was a little tight, but we were up for the challenge. With that as our brief, we had a number of meetings with the Hospice to arrange good times […]

Child of Wight Award 2017 – Video

We were very privileged to be asked to capture the Isle of Wight Radio Child of Wight Awards, second year in a row. Sponsored by WightFibre¬†among other local businesses. All the children that attended and won awards were truly inspirational and their stories were jaw dropping. We interviewed all the winners and the business that […]

Yarmouth Harbour (IOW) Official Video

This has been a great project, that has taken quite a while to complete. Mostly due to weather and also because there was so many people involved in the production. We done some of the filming, lots of the slo-mo and gimbal shots. We also completed all of the post production (editing). We finally finished […]