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Airbus – OceanFinder video

This video has been produced for the MTM Agency, a marketing agency who work with Airbus. The video is part of the integrated marketing campaign to support Airbus’ latest product and is a complex mixture of animation, live footage and screen replacement – embedding real screen footage of the product onto a laptop within live […]

Airbus – Drug Traffic Case Study

We were tasked by one of our agency clients, The MTM Agency, to turn a PDF case study into a great short video. Airbus is a global client so stakes were high and it had to be produced to the highest standard. This is going to be shown to high flyers all around the world. […]

Kingfisher Yachting – Testimonial

We were asked by owner of Kingfisher Yachting, a newly formed yachting luxury charter company, to capture what went on on one of their charters. We had a great day out filming the days events. Plus getting some nice comments from the clients of the day. Even had the chance to have one of their […]

British Marine Members Stories – Sample Video

We have been working with Southampton based marketing agency, MTM, for a while now. One of their many clients is British Marine. They asked us to capture some British Marine members at a commercial marine event being held. We had a nice day out filming with great support from their senior account managers. Working together, […]

Amber – Docu Film Short 2018

We were asked again to film at one of the Amber charity locations, to create a promotional film for them to promote and to be shown at their bi annual celebrity charity event. We arrived in Dorking, with a van full of production equipment ready to capture interviews from the young adults, and to capture […]

VMbeat Goes Mobile – Teaser Video

One of our biggest clients, SaleTorque, asked us to create a video about an um and coming business website / blog. But it wasn’t finished yet… We were given footage with people holding  mobile devices and were tasked to add the finished website in later. The final video included some nice 3D mobile devices being […]

EMCT – Why the Trust for Bestival

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust asked up to go out on one of their brand new branded yachts to create a video about how they are going to be at Camp Bestival, raising money for their impressive charity. We had a great day, and captured some great footage and comments from their young volunteers and […]

Child of Wight Awards 2018

We are regulars to filming this event. It’s always a special night with truly inspirational young children and a pleasure to capture.

EMCT Night Runner 2018 – Event Overview

We were asked by the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust to capture the Night Rider Night Runner event. We brought a nice set of toys, including two drones to capture the people running and riding the trails. We also needed quite a bit of lighting to capture their comment after the race. Capturing these sorts of […]

Munich All Hands – Video

We received footage from one of our regular clients, SalesTorque, from their filming at an corporate office opening event. We were tasked to create a great looking, on brand video to be viewed by their 10,000+ staff, all around the world. This is what we came up with, with just one small change from the […]