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Business EXPO 14

IW Chamber EXPO 2014 video. Footage from SalesTorque, graphics and edit by FLYTE Creative Media.  

Brand New Grad – Video

It was a week before Christmas and we were sort of winding down for the year, finishing off a few little bits, when I got a call from a old school friend… He is now a Solicitor in London and knew about me and what I produced from my social media posts. He was in […]

Civica – Step by Step S&IS

We created this video from Green screen interview footage and then added some animation to give it the wow factor. Produced by SalesTorque. Edited by Flyte Creative Media.  

3D Civica Awards 2017 Video Logo – No Sound

Here is one of the 3D assets we made for a recent awards evening. Created from a flat design that was given to us, we separated all the logo parts and made it into a usable 3D object. Below is an image to see it on our timeline in the editing suite:

Amber Foundation Film – For Monaco GP 2016

We were asked to put together a short film to be shown at the Monaco GP 2016. To help raise funds for The Amber Foundation in a charity auction being held there.  

Wight Karting Video

Wight Karting Video 2014. Footage by SalesTorque, edit and graphics by FLYTE Creative Media.

Civica Awards 2016 Post Production

We were asked to create all of the video post production for the National Civica Awards 2016 again this year. We have completed this job every year for the last 4 years so we must be doing something right! The above video is a sample of one of the award comment videos that was shown […]

WightFibre Mashup Video

A video we edited for a local provider of internet services from some customer testimonials recorded. A really powerful video that shows what a great company they are. Produced by SalesTorque. Edited by FLYTE Creative Media.

Three Gables Short Clip – Countryside Location

We were asked to do a few very short videos for a local holiday let company’s social media presence. We had filmed at their location before, so we had all the footage still. Including our recent aerial shoot. So, all we had to do is create short clips using a few different titles. A great, […]

Amber Foundation – A Short Film 2016

This is the main Amber Foundation short film we filmed and edited. Produced by SalesTorque. Post production and filming by FLYTE. Given out to potential fundraisers, contributors and for their website.