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CIVICA Conference Animation

We were asked to make a animation video for Civica’s worldwide conference. With a limited brief, and only a script to work with, this is what we came up with. Voice over by Sarah Griffin, recorded at FLYTE. Post production by FLYTE. Produced by SalesTorque.

A corporate day out Sailing – Video

What a great day this was, although we got a tad wet! Our brief was to capture the day, with images as well as video, to give to the client to promote that side of their business. We were on the support RIB all day with a few cameras including our Sony FS5, which has […]

CIVICA Awards – Event Video 2016

This is the Civica Awards event video 2016. We were asked to create all the on screen graphics and videos. There was even a mini short film that we worked on for them. Produced by SalesTorque. Edited (all night) by FLYTE.

Princess v40 Pronto – Video

This video was produced for an owner of a boat that wanted to improve the chances of selling it. By adding this video to their brokers website, it made the potential buyers experience much better than text and pictures. Video was filmed, edited and delivered by FLYTE Creative Media.¬†  

CIVICA Digital Mail – Video

This video was made for a national company called Civica. To introduce their On demand Digital Mail service. We were handed some footage to work with and we recorded a voice over here at the studio. They loved the finished article, and we do too. Post production by FLYTE. Produced by SalesTorque.

VMware Digital Marketing Certification – Video

We were asked to create a animated welcome video for VMware’s new Digital Marketing Certification program for their staff all around the globe. Produced by SalesTorque. Edited by FLYTE Creative Media.¬†

Three Gables – Holiday let sample video

This video was filmed for a holiday let company on the Isle of Wight. The couple that own the property now use this video on their website to help sell their holiday lets to the potential customers. Just by adding this video to their site has increased the amount of people now using their house […]

Video for Wizzard of Oz at Shanklin Theatre

I had a call recently from the organiser of the Wizard of Oz play being held at Shanklin Theatre (December 2016). He said he would like to have the scene of Aunt May and the Witch in the crystal ball projected on their big screen. So, In no time at all, we organised the relevant […]

CIVICA Spelthorne Floods – Video

We were asked to film and edit a video showing how Spelthorne Council reacted we they got hit by flooding and how their new system supplied by Civica works so well. Filmed and post production by FLYTE. Produced by SalesTorque.

Deepu Story

For an award show we recently were involved in, we were asked to create a fictional short film from a story that was written specifically for the event. We received the story via email, had a read, and then had to come up with ideas for what we going to show on screen. It was […]